Integrations come standard

Lisa works with popular software right out-of-the-box. She works inside your platform: entering prospect and showings data so you don’t have to.

Platform integrations

You can use Lisa with any of these popular property management platforms:

AppFolio Property Manager

Works with your calendar and email

Lisa connects to Gmail and Outlook to give you a familiar, comfortable messaging experience. She sends your agents showings by calendar invitation, enabling deep integration and wide team visibility.

  • Gmail
  • Gmail for Business
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Office365
  • Microsoft Exchange

Free interactive training

Launch without worries: Lisa trains your team interactively over email and SMS. Lisa walks your staff through their first AI experiences, patiently helping them practice.

Become a Certified Lisa Integration

Enable Lisa on your platform to give your clients the relentless power of artificial intelligence. Send us a message to start your application.

  • $0 in integration fee
  • Access to the Lisa Support team
  • Access to Lisa to test your product