We are automators

Our scientists are growing deep neural networks to do real estate busywork. We think humans probably have better things to do.

Brains are cheap these days

Artificial intelligence blossomed in the last five years. “Deep learning” algorithms can now translate your language, identify your face, and reply in your voice. We build bots to speak with your customers and work while you sleep. It’s time to let go of busywork.


The conversation is the product

As real estate’s most advanced AI company, Dynasty gives firms the tools to run their business through natural language. Our clients send messages to our AI system to run their business. Premier firms cut costs, test operational tweaks, boost revenues, and expand their portfolio without learning a new language.

Human-AI hybrid applications

We write best-in-class machine learning to automate real estate tasks. We pair a powerful artificial intelligence with a team of seasoned Operators who supervise the bot’s self-improvement. This synthesis delivers conversation at machine speed with startling leaps of human intuition.

Easy Integrations

Our AI connects with popular software out-of-the-box, so our clients bring their data with them. We realize no one wants to learn new software, so the AI adapts to you — using email, SMS, and your calendar to learn what you need.

Dynasty by AppFolio

Dynasty offers powerful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the real estate market. Founded in 2016 by a team of AI experts, Dynasty uses innovative technology and machine learning to automate manual leasing tasks and empower real estate customers to elevate their service and grow their portfolios. With the most advanced conversational AI solutions in the real estate market, Dynasty is revolutionizing the industry by automating critical communication and workflows to deliver conversation at machine speed — but with human intuition. Dynasty was acquired by AppFolio, Inc. in 2019.

case study

ROCO Real Estate

How do you buy buildings and lease them at scale? Ask ROCO, a top firm in multifamily real estate. They grew at a record pace and increased occupancy over 9%.

Learn more about our integrations.

Integrate your property management with an innovative AI that’s always getting better and launching new features weekly. We fit your needs as you grow and as the industry evolves.

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