DIICO Properties
Beverly Hills, CA · Founded 1976 · Multi-family portfolio


DIICO has class A real estate in the brisk Los Angeles market. Adam Kanizo directs their Operations from their office in Beverly Hills. When facing vacancy loss at a few buildings, Adam knew he wanted two difficult things to happen at once:

  • Guaranteed response to 100% of prospects
  • Lower workload for traveling leasing agent team
“Businesswise we could be losing thousands and thousands of dollars a day when our units are sitting vacant”
Adam KanizoAdam Kanizo


Adam piloted Lisa first at at a single building, Tamarind Apartments. With Lisa, he got:

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Morning Report

Daily report served at 7am. Details today’s showings across the portfolio.

Evening Feedback

Daily report served at 9pm. Presents feedback sent in by prospects after today’s showings.

Interactive Training

Lisa trains on-site staff herself on launch day by chatting with them over email.


After 60 days with Lisa, Tamarind Apartments was fully leased — an increase of 5.5%. Adam quickly deployed Lisa to the rest of the DIICO portfolio, using Interactive Training to scale quickly. He kept tabs on his growth with Lisa’s daily reports. In his Morning Report he sees each showing accepted by each agent, and his Evening Feedback shows him market feedback on the same showings.

“On a personal level you can sleep better at night you can kind of feel like people’s leads are systematically being handled. It means your cash cow can basically fund everyone’s livelihood.”
Adam KanizoAdam Kanizo

The proof is in the numbers

Pilot occupancy increase
Showings confirmed per year
Phone calls handled annually
Online apps automated per year
Lisa handles the schedule and reschedule so you’re never stuck at the property waiting for a prospect.
Gabriella Lambert, Leasing Agent

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