We make AI for real estate

We built Lisa, an AI leasing assistant. She’s currently handling the majority of our clients’ leasing traffic. We’re a small team of technologists in sunny Venice, CA.

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An artificial intelligence that runs your leasing business while you sleep

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Automate what you already have

Lisa works for your real estate business just like a leasing supervisor. She adapts to understand the portfolio software you’re already using, so you don’t need to learn anything new. Email sales@dynasty.com» and we’ll set you up for a live demo.

Book showings like a machine

Your customers reply to your listings and talk right to Lisa. Lisa responds over text message and email within a minute. AI does the scheduling, your agents do the showings.

Run a census every second

Transform any email or phone number into a complete person with over 85 actionable data points.

Fill in your contacts list with location, job title, phone, email, and social network data. Our industry-leading match rate and data accuracy ensure you have the information you need to sign more tenants.