Dynasty Analytics to handle the uncertainties and unknowns encountered in real-life workflow processes with knowledge-based expert systems leveraging predictive modeling and Bayesian technology.


Dynasty Mobile enables developers to easily and rapidly build “goal-oriented “mobile applications connecting business data to mobile users by leveraging language learning systems.

Enterprise Software

Dynasty Development Environment is a visual, component-based, object oriented system providing a complete and powerful framework for building open, multi-tier business-critical applications.

About Dynasty

Dynasty Technologies, Inc. has a long history of providing innovative software for building mission-critical application systems. To meet the objectives of contemporary businesses and organizations, Dynasty is evolving towards the vision of providing new software products in the area of Data Analytics and Goal- Oriented Mobile Transactions, assisted by language learning systems and by applying Bayesian Technology and A.I. techniques

Dynasty now offers highly flexible, adaptive, and dynamic process management platforms, algorithms, and predictive “knowledge based” applications. These allow developers to emulate human approaches to addressing and solving complex business problems. They have been designed to handle real-time, complex, dynamic, and “fuzzy” business processes. These “smart” products include predictive, event driven Data Analytics and mobile software applications.